Saturday, 20 July 2013

Gelli Plate...maybe

The new toy on the block seems to be the Gelli plate, and I've kind of avoided it so far.... but then with most things crafty, resistance is futile and I really want to play! So I've asked for one for my birthday... but I want one NOW. Then I heard that it's possible to make your own - weh hey! I did some research, got my stuff together and alacazam, here it is. It's still a bit liquidy (technical term) and cloudy (which the ones on Youtube weren't) but I'm hoping tomorrow it will be fine - 'after all tomorrow is another day' Scarlett O'Hara was clearly a crafter too!

So fingers crossed, and if all goes well, I will share my efforts. If it doesn't, we will not speak of this again lol.