Thursday, 12 December 2013

Duly Noted

Today I have a pair of projects using the Creative Expressions Henna Stamps.

I made some background papers a while ago using spray inks and masks. I loved the papers but didn't get any further than that because I didn't want to cut them up! When I first got these stamps, I had a eureka moment - they went perfectly with my backgrounds.

My inked backgrounds were A4, so I chopped one in half and stamped the Mandala on one and Petals on the other. I took some plain copier paper and cut that in half, then folded it to A6, and did the same to the inked covers. I sewed the paper and cover together with pamphlet stitch.

To make the bookmarks, I stamped the images onto shrink plastic, made a hole and then attached to the spine with black burlap 

To add the word art stamping, I applied perfect medium with my finger to give a rough edge. I heat embossed several layers and then stamped the Just Word Art into the molten embossing powder.

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  1. Great book covers and bookmarks, love the word stamped in the bottom corners too. Tracy x