Thursday, 27 June 2013

It's only words

You may have noticed my fondness for old book pages - I don't take some perverse pleasure in destroying books, contrary to what my daughter may think - but they do add that certain something to a project. This paper is from one of my current favorite old books, its a Readers Digest encyclopedia  full of definitions, drawings and diagrams. 
Another of my new favorite 'things' is homemade texture paste. It gets an 'ohh, ahh' from me everytime, don't ask me why but I'm always surprised when it turns out. I use acrylic paint, pva and talc - measurements? of course not, just a blob of paint and glue, then add the talc until you get the consistency you want. When you mix it you'll be sorely tempted to add water, but DON'T, just keep mixing and it will incorporate, promise. Then you just smear it through your stencil and let it dry. I've also done this with bicarb, which gives a lovely gritty texture.


  1. Totes love it... book pages are just the best for adding that perfect little something to art I thinks... Thanks for joining in with the Sunday Stamper x

  2. Oh this is GORGEOUS!! I will have to try that texture paste, it looks like fun!