Wednesday, 22 May 2013

First youtube

I've been threatening to make youtubes of my craftynesses for ages now and never seem to get anywhere. I tried to make an actual video, but lost the will, so instead, I've made a slide show type thingy; my first attempt had banners with descriptions, but the text extended beyond the frame (useless!) so I deleted that and redid it without. Well I've looked and looked but can't figure out how to add a caption - it must be super simples, but I haven't cracked it yet.

Anyhoo, my first youtube is now posted and it's gone viral - eight, yes, eight peeps have watched it!!! I made this mini for my sister's birthday - which is today Happy Birthday Heather. I used Steamtown Spring from Ephemera's Vintage Garden. For the cover, I modpodged the cover liner from the kit onto both sides of a piece of grungepaper. All the pages have top and side loading pockets for tags - the top loading tags are months of the year for recording important dates, and the side loading ones are for addresses. I added a magnetic closure flap pocket to the inside front cover and a top loading pocket on the back cover.

I also made a matching card

I'm now working on a couple of junk journals from this kit - I made one a couple of weeks ago but my daughter appropriated it!


  1. These are gorgeous, you did an amazing job. I love the ribbon on the card, the flower (great colours!) and I love the way you assembled and embellished the mini. Thanks for the shoutout, and yay on your first slideshow :-)

  2. Hi Tracy...I wanted to thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment about my melt art mania piece. Good luck in the drawings that are June 3rd. I also wanted to say that I viewed your youtube video and your birthday/mini address album is absolutely gorgeous. You did such a beautiful job creating such a lovely, lovely piece of art! <3 Candy