Sunday, 28 April 2013

Adventures in bookbinding

I've developed quit a youtube addiction of late - all in the interest of research of course (although the hour I spent 'learning' why Michael Jackson is actually still alive is time I'll never get back and a tangent I sincerely regret) So I've been looking into different methods of book binding and also junk journalling and have been seriously inspired by Michelle at The Paper Addiction and Marianne at Pocket full of vintage. Last weekend I tea dyed a shed load of paper and yesterday bought some hardbacks to demolish for practice. This is my first attempt - Marianne recommends having a practice first on scrap, but my thinking was I'm an experienced sewer/cross stitcher/ papercrafter, how hard can it be - the answer? pretty hard (not enough hands being a major stumbling block) For all my hubris, practice would've helped, but I'm ok-ish with the results and I've learned from my mistakes and got a useful book to boot.

I had left the cover unadorned and without the fastening, it was meant to be rough and ready, primitive, but Ray snaffled it for his research, asked for a fastening and hinted at some form of embellishment. I made a hole, added a grommet and looped a hair band through the back cover, sewed a toggle type bead on the front for the band to attach to as a fastening and then added some oriental ephemera including some more of my art tiles.

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  1. How fabulous - It looks gorgeous and makes me want to make another one!! xxMichelle