Monday, 8 April 2013

The Notebook (s)

No not the Ryan Gosling film unfortunately - but lets take a moment to think about him, mmmm.

A couple of weeks ago, Ray asked me if there was any way of making majong themed art tiles. His idea was to use printed images, but I had a bit of a play and came up with some stamped ones - not sure what he had in mind for them, I left them as they were. However, he'd expected me to actually DO something with them - the very idea! Well after a bit of jiggery pokery, these are what I made.

I've also been using the other tiles I made from my first batch - these are a bit more mixed media arty farty ish. I love the way the frame worked out, and the newsprint cover makes me smile - so random, so me!

All these are available to buy in my etsy shop

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