Thursday, 3 July 2014

Daisy, Daisy

This month, we're playing with texture paste - glittery mainly, as Creative Expressions have brought out some lovely new colours, as well as some now masks from That Special Touch. My first project for July also uses Chalk paint and Crackle medium

I stippled on some blue paint as a base, directly onto an MDF blank

You can force dry the paint using a heat gun

I painted on the crackle glaze in one direction. I left it to dry a little, but got a bit impatient so went over the semi dry crackle with White Chalk paint.

Because the crackle wasn't fully dry, I got areas of really big crackles, around the edges where the glaze was dry, the crackles are smaller. I love the extra distressed look this technique gives.

After the chalk paint was fully dry, I used my stencil and applied the glitter texture paste, selecting the areas I wanted for each colour, allowing each colour to fully dry before changing colour.

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