Thursday, 24 July 2014

Three of a Kind

Hydrangeas are one of my favourite plants - I'm a bit of a hydrangea nerd/spotter so at the moment, with them all being in bloom, my spotting is in overdrive! So when this mask came out, I had to have it and as you can see I've made not one, but three for this weeks post.

 For this first one, I masked off the areas I wanted in the different colours and added the sparkle texture paste through the mask onto white and black card. When the first colour of paste was dry, I went back, re aligning the mask and applying the second colour.

This card uses the 'waste' paste; when I removed the mask after applying the paste for the first card (above) I placed the mask onto a clean sheet of card and just rubbed the residual paste through onto the clean card. Once this had dried, I just went back with my second colour of texture paste, allowed that to dry, and then added some distress ink for more definition.

For my third card, I started with distress ink through the mask, dried it with my heat tool, then repositioned the mask and added clear texture paste. Whilst the paste was still wet, I sprinkled over Micro Beads and allowed it to dry. Once dry, the colours take on a lovely dreamy pastel tone.

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  1. Tracey,these are lovely - I think number 3 is prob a fave but 1 is wonderful and rich and 2 is so clever......