Saturday, 24 August 2013


For the past few days, I've been having a play with some new techniques and seeing where my experimentation takes me. After watching a youtube by Rach0113 on faux carnival / dichroic glass, I couldn't wait to crack on! Could I find my fantasy film? Could I heck. No doubt it will surface when I'm unable to find something else. Take two, after a visit to the craft shop. The youtube I saw did the technique on memory glass, but since she made it opaque with the embossing powder, she made hers into a piece of jewellery so it needed to be on something durable, I thought I'd use board instead.

This is my first attempt - two layers of Cosmic Shimmer (CS) Lapis Orange Lustre, one layer of CS Autumn Lustre, scrunched CS glitter film then a couple of layers of UTEE. Then I remelted it and stamped with Versamark - in the video, she used a coloured embossing ink, but I wanted a more carnival glass look.

This time, I used CS UTEE in Bronze Lustre, again on board. I didn't scrunch the film this time and I used two layers rather than just one, followed by UTEE. This is my favorite, it's really even, has the best iridescence and looks the most like carnival glass.

The film is cut to overhang the board, and as you stamp the piece, UTEE oozes over the sides. I cut the excess off, cut it into small pieces and remelted it onto another board covered in three coats of Autumn Lustre. This time I didn't add more UTEE, just stamped the molten enamel. Whilst it's not as 'realistic' as the previous sample, it is interestingly textural and will make a great background.

I will use the top and bottom samples as the basis for something else, but the middle one may well become an embellishment in it's own right.

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