Tuesday, 27 August 2013

More Carnival glass

I've had a very productive Bank Holiday Weekend. After my first trip to the craft shop and subsequent Carnival glass creations, I went back for more. This time I got two more colours of cosmic Shimmer Fusible Film and five different embossing powders. This time, for the bases I've used memory glass and  ATC style MDF blanks, but the method is the same as in my previous post. Using these as bases is so much better, since the mountboard ones have bowed when they've cooled down - all's not lost though, as I've flattened them and cracked the UTEE for a different effect.

These first five are on the MDF blanks. I've never used these before, but I certainly will do so again as they're perfect for repeated heating and take inks really well. To finish the edges, I've added faux solder - I melted UTEE in my melt pot and dipped the edges.

These four are on Memory Glass - I was a little worried that the glass wouldn't take the repeated heating, but they were fine. With all these samples, I've used the melt pot rather than the heat gun to melt the powders. I inked the blank/glass with Perfect Medium, added the powder and then placed them on a Project Craft Sheet and into the melt pot with the lid on. Again, I added the faux solder, but I'm going to get Memory Frames for these to turn them into jewellery pieces.

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