Saturday, 31 August 2013

Making your mind up

Some time ago, I wanted to do a black and red canvas, so I too a white canvas, painted it with black gesso and a layer of black paint....then I changed my mind and wanted it white again. Well the black was a bugger to cover over, took several coats of paint, getting rid of the canvas texture in the process, but there it was covered......then I changed my mind again. I wanted texture! so I covered it in scrunched tissue - tissue would've covered the black quicker and cheaper than all that white paint! So now I had texture, but added more in the form of texture paste and I wanted colour. I went with ochre, but found it flat, so once again I painted it! Indecisive? Moi? I'm not sure.

Anyway, I'm done messing about with it now, I highlighted the paste with black rub'n'buff and added my 'topper'. This was also an unfinished piece, just because I was having a play and making backgrounds ready for inspiration to hit. I got as far as putting clear texture paste through a stencil onto book page and sticking it to corrugated card. I used DI to colour the book page, then added string and a glassene flower. I really roughed up the edges and stuck the corrugated to a deeply crackled board.